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We're to help you turning your ideas into fully functional applications that make your everyday better. Repetitive and hard work is meant to be done by machines since the industrial revolution. This is the information era, the time for you to have the right software application that helps you make smarter choices. You tell us what you need, we’ll make it real.


Do you already have a custom made application with new features to be added, or some issues you’d like to fix?. We’re experts working with other-people source code, as long you have the license for it, we’re ready to take your software application to the next level.

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When you’re hiring IT projects is common that you get overwhelmed by the terms and so many choices to pick. Let us help you making the right choices and being sure that what you asked for is what you get.

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Do you ever need to know if an employee or customer unquestionably has received a service, a product, an invoice, or anything else? That’s what this application is for, it makes use of biometric fingerprint recognition and even taking pictures of the person when the items are delivered if is necessary. Gets easily integrated with MySQL and SQLServer databases to synchronize people and even provides a web interface that allows third-parties to keep control of their people and the privileges they have. Powered by the unmatched reliability of Griaule Tecnhologies®.

Time-schedule control application that allows you to define the check-in/check-out times for each of your employees plus all other times you want to track, like for example the time they spend on lunch or on breaks. Performs fingerprint recognition in less than a second on a 1000 employees database on a Core 2 Duo® machine with 4Gb on RAM. At the end you get full reports for each of your employees that you can export to Microsoft Excel®. Powered by the unmatched reliability of Griaule Tecnhologies®.

Does your company has many branches to the point that gets difficult to keep control of the payroll by handling the employee’s novelties? Novità is a web application that allows the manager on each branch to report to the headquarters office the novelties with the employees, like a no-show, a license, a medical-leave, etc, and exports the information on a custom plain or Excel® format, ready to be loaded into your payroll application. You can set the deadlines for each period (even many on the same month), the novelties to be reported, the codes used by your payroll application, and helps you keeping track of all the involved paperwork.




Projects delivered or to be released soon

A sample of the most important projects we’ve performed during the last 4 years:

The challenge: to develop a financial platform to allow people get the best interest rates on their liabilities and sell those among financial entities if a better offer is found.

The solution: to standardize the credit request forms from the 37 financial entities in Colombia into a friendly to fill web application that gets integrated with risk-information centrals and financial entities to pre-approve the credit requests and offer the best available rates to each customer making use of the platform.

The result: Up to date, more than 1800 hours implementing the application to be publicly available on Jan/15. The application is currently running a private beta and is already integrated with risk-information centrals.

Technologies: Java, Scala, Spring, SOAP WebServices, MySQL, BaseX.

Corporación Ventures

The challenge: work with a previously custom-made application to manage the most renamed entrepreneur contest in Colombia having stability issues, giving it a new look, improving the way to do things on the application and adding a new whole set of features to it.

The solution: we refactored the whole way the application connects to databases, upgraded the libraries and languageuage version to the latest, refactored the code to be extensible over time.

The result: with a simple and small VM server, the application supports up to 50 concurrent users, handles around 2000 entrepreneur proposals each year, and allows 200 juries that make part of the whole process to evaluate the ideas and provide feedback to the entrepreneurs. … and we keep adding new features to the application after 3 years!.

Technologies: Java, Spring, Scala, XML-RPC, SOAP WS, Postgres.

Programa de Transformación Productiva (PTP – Bancoldex)

The challenge: turn a 98 pages document poll into a simple application to be used by the lodging industry in Colombia in a way that each hotel can understand their results and keep track of their milestones.

The solution: with help of the people who created the poll document, we grouped the questions on sections where each hotel can easily identify themselves, answer and keep track, only of the set of questions that are really important to each manager.

The result: A downloadable application that requires no installation or special computer specs, very user friendly, that helps each hotel to know how they’re doing regarding health tourism according to the current applicable law. To date has been download and is being used by more than 200 hotels in Colombia.

Technologies: Flash, AS3.

Secretaría de Servicios Públicos Domiciliarios - Orfeo

The challenge: a really short deadline to deliver two of the most important modules - search and archive - of the new version of an application being used by at least 30 governmental entities.

The solution: we understood the contractor's urge to deliver, so we doubled our shifts for one month until all the modules passed every customer test.

The result: 650 hours of work implemented on one month by a team of 3 remarkable Java developers.

Technologies: Java, JBoss Seam, RichFaces, Postgres.

Dialimentos S.A.S.

The challenge: help on the decision making of an application that helps running the company, among industry specialized software, renamed ERP providers, and custom-designed software.

The solution: more than 4 months gathering requirements, having meetings with many different providers and proposing a custom-designed application.

The result: The decision to buy SAP B1® to manage the core business, and ICG Manager® and ICG FrontRest® to run the POSs and help the company put on production the acquired software.

U-Pack Technologies

The challenge: how to redesign the website to captivate new customers without overwhelming them with all the data sheets full of terms and numbers they might not even know whats its meaning?

The solution: by understanding what the company does, and what’s their difference among others on the same sector we presented the solutions on short videos, making clear there’s a solution for every need and providing contact information since the first sight accompanied by Google AdWords to help customers find the company.

The result: an increased number of calls from new customers by a 200%, and sales increased by 130% on the first year. We keep maintaining the site after 4 years.

Technologies: Flash, JavaScript, PHP.

Flota Magdalena S.A.

The challenge: to replace an old Visual FoxPro application by a to-be-developed custom-designed application offering much more functionality to help managers keep control of their bus-transportation company.

The solution: we studied the business for 5 months to be able to propose a solution that fits every need, including hiring a new bus driver, keep control of their paperwork, plan the routes, sell the tickets, track the buses on real time, to manage the accountability of the company.

The result: More than 2200 hours of software development to deliver an application that complies to every single hired requirement.

Technologies: Java, Spring, XML-RPC, Restful WS, GWT, MySQL, Neo4j.